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Planned Projects

Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision

Our first step in delivering the 10-Year Vision, the Phase One Plan, was focused on overcrowding on transit and congestion on major roads. Our next step, the Phase Two Plan, enables us to further expand and improve Metro Vancouver's transportation network to meet the demands of our growing population. Our final step, the Phase Three Plan, will include extending the Surrey Langley SkyTrain from 166 St in Fleetwood to Langley, a proposed gondola providing reliable service between SkyTrain and the SFU campus on Burnaby Mountain, boosting service on existing rapid transit lines, and adding more bus and RapidBus service regionwide. Senior government funding is required to advance this plan in time for its scheduled spring 2021 approval.

Investing in our Future

Due to population growth, a strong economy, and denser, transit-oriented patterns of development, demand for transportation — especially transit — is increasing rapidly. From 2000 to 2016, transit ridership in our region increased 80%. In comparison, the regional population only grew 20% over the same time.

To address this challenge, the Phase Two Plan makes new investments in every mode of transportation — transit, roads, walking and cycling — as well as maintains the existing transportation system in a state of good repair. The new services and infrastructure in the Phase Two Plan are a major step in meeting our region's transportation needs, especially as transit ridership continues to grow at record levels.

Learn more about the Phase Two investments, including planned bus service improvements in your community, in the Phase Two Plan.

New transportation improvements in Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision

New Rapid Transit
  • Construction and operation of the Millennium Line Broadway Extension

  • Construction and operation of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line

  • Project development for the Surrey-Langley Line (Light Rail Transit)

  • Planning, with partners, to support a potential gondola from the Millennium Line to SFU Burnaby campus

  • Planning, with partners, to support a rapid transit to UBC Point Grey campus

Upgrades to Existing Rail
  • Modernization of Expo and Millennium Line infrastructure including:

    • 108 new SkyTrain cars to provide increased service, as well as 95 new SkyTrain cars to replace aging fleet

    • Expanded vehicle storage to accommodate new fleet

    • Upgrades to operations and maintenance centres, mainline power and control systems to support more frequent train service and longer trains

    • Station upgrades to increase passenger capacity, accessibility, amenities and improve neighbourhood integration:

      • Construction of upgrades at Brentwood Station.

      • Design of future upgrades, including Columbia, Edmonds and Stadium–Chinatown stations.

  • Increased Expo and Millennium Line service during rush hours, mid-day and weekends, to reduce wait times and overcrowding, starting in 2019

  • Increased Canada Line service during rush hours, evenings, and weekends, to reduce wait times and overcrowding, starting in 2020

  • Planning for expanded West Coast Express capacity in Phase Three of the 10-Year Vision

Bus, SeaBus, and HandyDART Investments
  • 8% more bus service across the region in 2020 and 2021

    • More frequent service or other improvements on at least 75 different bus routes that carry over 350,000 passengers across the region every day

    • New bus service to the following communities:

      • North Vancouver: Harbourside

      • Surrey: 68th Avenue Crosstown (Scottsdale to Sullivan), East Fraser Heights

      • Vancouver: East Fraser Lands (River District)

    • Two new B-Lines by 2021

      • Richmond to Expo Line

      • Scott Road (120th Street)

    • Restructure of the community shuttle service in Maple Ridge and Langley communities

    • Transit priority projects and enhanced passenger amenities along bus routes, including B-Lines

    • New bus depot and capacity expansion at existing bus depots

    • 151 new buses to provide increased service, as well as replacement buses for aging fleet

  • 7% more HandyDART service available in 2020 and 2021

    • 20 new vehicles, as well as replacement buses for aging fleet

  • SeaBus sailing to meet the last Canada Line train

Road Investments
  • New funding to municipalities in 2020 and 2021

    • Minor capital upgrades to the Major Road Network, such as improving safety and addressing bottlenecks

    • Rehabilitate and make seismic retrofits to structures on the Major Road Network, such as overpasses, retaining walls and bridges

Walking and Cycling Invesments
  • New funding to municipalities in 2020 and 2021

    • Pedestrian infrastructure projects, such as sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian signals

    • Cycling infrastructure projects, such as protected bike lanes and multi-use paths

  • Upgrades to TransLink-owned cycling infrastructure

New Mobility Investments
  • Pilot, field test and scale flexible, shared-use services

Explore current projects

You can use our interactive map to discover the transportation investments underway in your community.


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