Moving Forward

Delivering the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation

We've launched Metro Vancouver’s biggest transportation expansion in almost a decade. More transit, better roads, safer cycling and pedestrian access – for everyone. The 10-Year Vision is an investment in our future, and that future for better transit is now!

The first phase of the 10-Year Vision is underway with more frequent SkyTrain, bus and SeaBus service and improved access to HandyDART. Discover the investments underway in your community.

A funding agreement on how to pay for the next phase of investments, the largest infrastructure investment in Metro Vancouver's history, has been reached between the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the Mayors' Council. Learn about upcoming consultation for the Phase Two Plan and what's to come next on our Planned Projects page.

Planning for Progress

The 10-Year Vision will deliver billions of dollars of investment in new transportation infrastructure and services across the region. This includes new major rapid transit projects as well as expanded operating and capital investment to increase transit service and to improve roads, cycling, and walking infrastructure region-wide. The Vision is being rolled out in phases, each timed to the planning and delivery of new projects and services.

Discover what's in the plan below:


Plan approved: 2016
Roll-out: 2017-2026

  • 10% increase in bus service
  • 15% increase in HandyDART service
  • 20% increase in rail service (Expo Line, Millennium Line, Canada Line, West Coast Express)
  • Pre-construction and consultation on the Millennium Line Broadway Extension and construction of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line of the Surrey LRT project
  • New funding for improvements to the Major Road Network
  • Expansion and improvements to the cycling and walking networks
Learn more about the investments underway.


Projected plan approval: 2018
Roll-out: 2018-2027

  • Construction of the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line of Surrey LRT
  • Construction of Millennium Line Broadway Extension
  • More rail cars and station upgrades on the existing SkyTrain system
  • Additional expansion of bus service across the region
  • Additional expansion of HandyDART service
  • Continued improvements to roads, cycling, and walking
Learn more about our planned projects.


Projected plan approval: 2019
Roll-out: 2020-2030

  • Finish delivery of the Vision, including:
    • More bus, rail, and HandyDART service
    • Continued improvements to roads, cycling, and walking

Keeping our Region Moving

Over the next 30 years, Metro Vancouver will welcome more than one million new residents and 600,000 new jobs. The 10-Year Vision is the blueprint for the future of our transportation system. Developed by the Mayors’ Council in 2014 following years of planning and public consultation, the 10-Year Vision reflects the consensus of 23 local governments, and is supported by the largest coalition of community, environmental, and business stakeholders in B.C.’s history.

A plan for everyone

The 10-Year Vision is the most advanced transit and mobility plan in Canada. It includes investments that will serve residents across the entire Metro Vancouver region – from roads and bridges, to buses, light rail, and active transportation.

Fair and affordable

Making the 10-Year Vision a reality will require funding from all three levels of government, as well as users of the transit system and road network, and property owners.

Protecting our environment

Investing in public transit, cycling, and walking infrastructure helps reduce our dependence on automobiles and improves our air quality through reduced GHG emissions.

Supporting a vibrant economy

By investing in our transportation system and reducing traffic congestion, we can make commuting more efficient for workers and students, and move goods more quickly throughout our region.

Want more information?

Check out the Investments Underway and Planned Projects pages on this site, or read the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transit and Transportation.