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10-Year Investment Plan

A person waiting for the bus below the Canada Line tracks at Marine Drive station.

Under the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act, TransLink must prepare a 10-Year Investment Plan at least once every three years. The Investment Plan identifies proposed transportation services, key initiatives, and capital investments, and details how these services, initiatives, and investments will be funded. Once approved, the 10-Year Investment Plan becomes the new strategic plan that will move the region towards the goals in the Regional Transportation Strategy.

2024 Investment Plan

The 2024 Investment Plan will address critical transit service needs on the region’s most overcrowded routes. The plan responds to Metro Vancouver’s unprecedented growth, while preparing to implement the ten-year Access for Everyone plan. With 90,000 new residents moving to the region in 2023 alone, we must invest in our system now to keep up with this growth. The 2024 Investment Plan was approved by TransLink’s Board of Directors and the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation on April 25, 2024

Key priorities in the 2024 Investment Plan include:

  • Increasing service on 60 bus routes to address overcrowding

  • Extending evening hours on 11 bus routes

  • Expanding the bus fleet to prepare for Bus Rapid Transit

  • Increasing Canada Line frequencies

  • Earlier SeaBus sailings by 15 minutes on weekdays

  • Enhancing late-evening HandyDART service

  • Investing in road safety and new cycling and walking infrastructure

  • Adding new bus priority infrastructure

While the 2024 Investment Plan stabilizes finances in the short term, a new sustainable funding model is needed to advance priority projects outlined in the Access for Everyone plan. TransLink is continuing to work with senior government partners to secure a new funding model that will support regional transportation and keep up with growth for years to come.

Transit is the key to unlocking affordable housing, a thriving local economy, and reaching our climate targets. Investing in public transit ensures you can stay connected to job and educational opportunities, educational institutions, and essential services – no matter where you live in the region.

Read the approved 2024 Investment Plan

Funding Access for Everyone

Since the development of the first 10-Year Vision in 2014, TransLink has studied several potential new revenue sources to help fund regional transport investments. This funding work has continued alongside the development of the 10-Year Investment Plans, Transport 2050, and the 10-Year Priorities.

Transport 2050 recognizes that regional transportation funding will require a significant overhaul to meet key regional, provincial, and national objectives. This means continued partnership and expanded funding from the governments of British Columbia and Canada, as well as funding contributions from major project partners. It will also require new regional revenue tools that balance our reliance on transit fares and property tax, and replace our longer-term declining fuel tax revenue.

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