Funding the Vision

The 10-Year Vision will deliver billions of dollars of new transportation infrastructure and services across the region. This includes new major rapid transit projects as well as increased transit service and improvements to roads, cycling, and walking infrastructure region-wide.

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Funding the Phase One Plan

The Phase One Plan is an estimated $2 billion investment, made possible through a partnership between all three levels of government. The Government of Canada committed $370 million and the Government of British Columbia committed $244 million to Phase One projects. To deliver the necessary regional funding to leverage these senior government contributions, the Phase One Plan included the following regional funding:

  • Gradual annual increases to transit fares (5 to 10 cents on a single fare; $1 to $3 on a monthly pass) (implemented in 2017)
  • A $3 increase in property taxes per average household each year (implemented in 2017)
  • A new region-wide Development Cost Charge (DCC) for transit and transportation
  • Use of TransLink’s existing resources, including the sale of surplus property

Funding the Next Phase

The Phase Two Plan is an estimated $7 billion investment in the region’s transit and transportation system – one of the largest in Metro Vancouver’s history. The Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia have made unprecedented funding commitments to Phase Two projects. To leverage those federal and provincial contributions, the Mayors’ Council has agreed on a proposal to fund the region’s share, including:

  • Transit fare increase: 2% increase to transit fares beginning in 2020, or an additional 5 to 15 cents on adult and concession fares

  • Parking sales tax increase: 3% increase in the parking sales tax, or an additional 15 cents per hour for a $5 per hour parkade

  • Property tax increase: a $5.50 increase per average household, or 46 cents per month, beginning in 2019

  • Development Cost Charge: an increase in DCC revenues

  • Revenue from a variety of transit-related commercial opportunities

Seeking Your Input

As part of the development and finalization of the Phase Two Plan, TransLink will consult with the public April 30 to May 11. Learn more about how to get involved.